AC-LA began in early 2013 as the Primary Argumentation and Communication Education (P.A.C.E.) community outreach program started by the CSUF Forensics Team and Instructor/Speech and Debate Coach Willie Washington.  The program was implemented at a local elementary in the Fullerton area. Through the P.A.C.E. program, a Speech and Debate (Forensics) team was established to teach critical thinking and competent communication proficiencies. The program focused on the theoretical principles found in the collegiate discipline, Communication. The students learned vital life skills along with the Speech and Debate Curriculum. The program was a success and beneficial to both the students as well as the coaching staff. Click here to see a letter from Teacher of the Year Theresa RyanNoticing a need for this type of program throughout education, P.A.C.E. evolved into an independent non-profit organization known as AC-LA to focus on students of all ages and provide valuable life skills.