Benefits of Speech, Interp & Debate

Benefits for students of  NFL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP
Advocate Speech & Debate

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Participation in Competitive Forensics and Standardized
    Test Scores

    Tammie Peters’ research affirms the connection between forensics participation and quantifiable gains in
    writing and literacy
    . Published in the October 2009 issue of Rostrum.
  • Pedagogical and Scholastic Arguments for Forensics
    This five-page document summaries key pedagogical and scholastic impacts of forensics and provides a
    list of standards in four key areas (English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Information Technology,
    Communication, and Science) which participation in forensics meets.
  • Enriching Education
    This phamplet summarizes the cognitive and academic benefits of forensics, arguing that speech and debate is
    critical to a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Assigned Advocacy, Argumentation, and Debate in High School Classrooms
    This article provides quantitative research which suggests that argumentation and debate in the classroom leads to gains in engagement and participation, skill development, content knowledge, and academic
  • Forensics and College Admissions
    In this article, Yale University professor Minh A. Luong presents data which support the importance of forensics in the
    college admission and scholarship awarding processes.
  • In Defense of Competitive Speech
    This essay champions forensics by explaining the  significance of communication skills in a democratic society.  It also makes a strong argument for the financial support of  forensics and likens them to competitive sports.
  • The Power of ForensicsVIDEO –  Oprah Winfrey and others explain the benefits of competitive speech & debate programs.
  • Giving Youth a Voice: The National Forensic League
    This full-color document explains the mission/vision of the NFL, key benefits of forensics, services to members and coaches, and how to join the League. It provides an excellent introduction to NFL and forensics.
  • Find Your Voice
    This student recruitment tool introduces the NFL by  providing a brief overview of history, services, events, and
  • You Don’t Have to Win Nationals
    This article talks about the significance of forensics to students, regardless of their level of competitive
    success. Cognitive, academic, professional, and social benefits are all discussed.
  • Your School Doesn’t Have to Win Nationals
    This piece talks about the importance of forensics from a pedagogical perspective. Gains in test scores,
    content retention, and graduation/college admission rates are presented
  • A Better Investment Not Found on Wall Street
    This compelling testimonial from former debater  Jonathan Carr explains how forensics taught him discipline and organization, writing and speaking skills, how to think theoretically, and how to deal with adversity. Carr went on to become a Fulbright Scholar at the London School of Economics.
  • Powerful Preparation in the NJFL
    This article focuses on the positive impacts of forensics on middle level students. It was originally published
    in the March 2009 NJFL newsletter.