Private Coaching

ACLA offers private online coaching sessions. We provide individualized coaching lessons that are tailored to the specific event and skills of each student. Each lesson is customized and created specifically for the unique needs of every learner.

Team Coaching

ACLA works with schools to develop and maintain a speech and debate team. We will provide on-site coaches, hold practice sessions, and tailor lesson plans for each school. Speech and debate teams may work toward displaying what they have learned in a variety of venues: school assemblies, local speech and debate tournaments, or advocate for change in their community. We work with grades 4-12.


ACLA believes that everyone should have access to Speech and Debate. Our organization provides free services to those who cannot afford to participate in Speech and Debate. ACLA provides coaching, tournament fees, transportation, and clothing for students who would not otherwise be able to afford these items. Interested in donating to ACLA? Click here to check out our Donate page.